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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”


Carl Jung

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I moved my face-to-face practice to fully online work. All of my clients gave me positive feedback about their online experience, reporting no significant loss of contact, value or rapport in our work. Since March 2020, many existing clients have chosen to continue to work in this way and new clients have requested to use this option for several reasons:   


Convenience and flexibility – appointments can be made to fit around working hours with no time lost in travelling to and from sessions. Counselling can be accessed from the comfort of your own home or car (if no other suitable private space can be found) and you are not limited to choosing a therapist who works in your vicinity.


Cost-efficiency – no fuel or parking expenses incurred.

Practicalities – accessibility to therapy for people with disabilities, physical health vulnerability or those who live remotely with few practitioners in their area.

Working away – online work enables continuity of sessions even when you are working away from home or in other countries, (with some exceptions.)     

Confidentiality – all sessions will be conducted as they would be in professional consulting rooms via encrypted services such as Zoom.     

Therapy – can be accessed in familiar surroundings of your home which can support a relaxed and safe environment.     

Availability – of counselling services to people with low confidence who may feel uncomfortable in a face-to-face setting.

To access online counselling sessions, you would need to feel relatively comfortable using internet technology, have access to a private computer or phone with a webcam and ensure that your internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to allow for online conversations. I would be happy to provide instructions for setting up Zoom, if required or to answer any questions you may have about the online counselling process. Subsequent to the pandemic, I have continued to offer face-to-face counselling for those who prefer it.

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£50 for a one hour session

£70 for couples for a 75 minute session.

Payments are made through BACS (if possible,) within 3 days of each session.


There is no charge for the initial one hour session and you will not commit yourself to further sessions by making this preliminary appointment.

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Sue helped me both in my personal life and professional life to feel more relaxed and confident. I looked forward to my sessions with Sue each week as it gave me a chance to talk things through with somebody who was removed from my circle of family and friends. Through my time with Sue, I was able to find my true authentic self and live a more balanced, calm life. Sue never judged me and I felt I could speak to her about everything, which is essential when working closely with a counsellor. She offers a safe space to explore the past and focus on the many challenges that may be facing you in the present.
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Jack White

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